World's Worst Website

Here's some other examples of poor website design. 

The website could use a makeover too: 

Very slow loading, obnoxious, busy background

Annoying color scheme and broken links: 

Obnoxious background and hard to read font style: 

Unorganized list of links, hard to read too.

Love the background! (Not) 

Ugly is an international language:

These guys should know how to make a usable website:

Here's some sites with useful info on planning and creating your site:

What Makes a Great Website? 

Lots of great articles on website design and improvement Good info on planning, testing, usability, etc.

Web Pages that Suck

Here's some examples of well done websites:

Google: The king of simplicity and usability. You can get anywhere from here. Warm and friendly looking. Easy to navigate: Lots of info without feeling cluttered: 

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